Xue Faith standing in a courtyard in Taipei. Xue wears a blue strappy top over a white t-shirt with dark patterned short-shorts and heeled sandals.
Greetings from Taipei!

Hi Guys! Greetings from Taipei! It’s time for our July Haiku Speedbuild and I thought we’d try a little variation this month. Since we have people around the globe, it seems like every time slot is bad for someone. Also, it seems like peeps like casual, unstructured building time. So this month we’ll have Haiku Speedbuild from Noon Saturday to Noon Sunday. You just come by at the time that’s best for you. I’ll be in and out for the 24 hours, but if you miss me you can do “Self Service Speedbuild.” We’ll have 4 poems by White Dog Bobby on the wall. You can “buy” the one you like for L$0 and place it by your building pad and then have fun. It’d also be great if you’d make a second plaque and put your name on it so visitors can see who the builder was. To rez at LEA11 you join the VB Friends Group. Once you’re done building you can keep the group or leave it as you like. You can join it off my profile groups, or with the link below:

VB Friends Group
Haiku Speedbuild @LEA11

If anyone’s in the mood to do one and then come back and do another, that’s cool too. If we use up all the building pads I’ll put more out.

July will be our 4th and final Haiku Speedbuild at LEA11. When Cyanide Seelowe et al founded the VAA & Haiku Speedbuild 6 years ago, it was originally held at a Zen retreat. For most of the time since then it’s been held at Peri Afarensis’ Afar sim which, after so many years of generosity to VAA and others, she recently closed. We’ve been at Vaneeesa Blaylock’s “Alice in Cornelland” project at LEA11 for a short while now, and in August we’ll be moving to another exciting new home.

Meeting Peri
Alice in Cornelland

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Student in the Culture, Media & Creative Industries programme at King's College, London. Gallerist at Gallery Xue. Webmaster for avatar bloggers. Host of Virtual Artists' Alliance' Haiku Speedbuild.

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