Photo of Xue Faith with a red "5" number in front of her.
Better Things… – / exported and then imported to – flawless. – the same export file uploaded HERE to on Media Temple generates errors. It seems like and WP Engine can import anything… and Media Temple and Blue Host have trouble with everything. Let’s test an export NOT from and see if it’s anything to do with their customization… – today’s bright idea is to go back to and Vanilla-it. Delicious Menu theme replaced by 2011 theme and all 60 widgets removed. Here’s the import attempt to Media Temple.

kk, that didn’t help at all – new idea – break export down into parts – trying Jan-Oct 2012.

Same old problem: less then Whole import, it will NOT bring images in, it just links to old website. I can try Find/Replacing in the .xml file with the new image URLs, and then FTP-ing the files to the right place… but 2 problems will probably appear:
1. the image file naming issue where it names them with the pixel dimensions but that file may not exist, so broken links
2. you’ll wind up with thousands of “Unattached” files, which will break galleries now, and could break links in the future…

Next Steps:
1. Try .xml editing & file ftp
2. Try another host like Dreamhost, et al

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