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how can you tell?

Giant, antique, World Map, focused on Europe and Asia and with a tiny Xue Faith figure standing on Taipei, Taiwan

Stylin’ Avatar Blogs

Websites by Xue will create a fun & easy site for you! You can blog, automatically feed in your Tweets, Instagrams, Video Touts, etc. It's the website that makes itself!
Xue Faith and other cast members wearing green "Poison" uniforms from fashion designer Jackie Graves, the faux-seriousness of the paramilitary uniforms being a visual metaphor for the real seriousness of wordpress security

Seamless Integration

Oh yeah, it's really cool! :)
Gallery Xue director Xue Faith on the sidewalk in front of Gallery Xue Taipei

French Fries & Catsup

No kidding. All included! Gallery Xue director Xue Faith on the sidewalk in front of Gallery Xue London You choose. Then snooze!
Feel the cool elegance of this sleeveless spring tank and blousy shorts combo from DeLa

Gallery Xue, Taipei

Originally a 110m² exhibition space at Core Pacific City in Taipei, Taiwan, Gallery Xue / Taipei now offers exhibiting artists a virtually unlimited cyber-canvas on which artists can express their creative visions and cultural explorations.
• Visit: Gallery Xue / Taipei
• Inquire: About Exhibiting
Be master & commander in this dashing knee-length British Navy Coat, hot pants & boots

Gallery Xue / London

A virtual remix workshop, YOU are invited to apply to be a Guest Curator at Gallery Xue / London.
Visit: Gallery Xue / London
Apply: To Curate

Xue made an awesome website for me! I’m so happy!

My website is so cool!! Thanks Xue!!

Gallery Xue’s virtual installation of my work has reawakened my career. Thank you for your inspired approach!

Xue Faith in pink & white baseball cardigan from COCO / Cocoro Lemon