screen cap of the WooThemes Hustle HomePage Slider showing a grey bar at the bottom of the slider imagescreencap of the WordPress Boardwalk theme with the dark filter setting turned onSphinxBanner ad for Tissot T-Race Danica Patrick watch featuring an image of Patrick next to a giant inset of the Tissot watch that bears her signature.Xue Faith in Taipeiphoto of gallery director Lucy Barraza in the Gallery Xue space at Core Pacific City, standing up against the front window of the gallery and looking out.Xue Faith and Miso Susanowa at the Afar Sim of Second Life, with cartoon speech bubles in which they say Haiku Speedbuilda tall, monolithic structure with a series of grainy lines running up and downtwo avatars in a large field. Xue faith wears a cardigan sweater and rides a bicycle, Miso Susanowa stands in a dark dressgiant, vintage world map, focused on East China, with Xue Faith standing on Taipei, TaiwanContrasty, sepia-toned photograph of Xue Faith in a paramilitary uniform, the "G200 Executive Dress" from Jackie GravesSepia-toned image of me standing over a virtual corpse as a metaphor for Twitter Password SecurityXue Faith and other cast members wearing green "Poison" uniforms from fashion designer Jackie Graves, the faux-seriousness of the paramilitary uniforms being a visual metaphor for the real seriousness of wordpress security