Child: Sliding

Theme Name: Sliding Child
Theme URI:
Description: Just a little text modding. 
             I'd like to thank the academy, 
             I'd like to thank my producer for producing me, 
             I'd like to thank my parents for producing me...
Author: Xue Faith
Author URI:
Template: sliding
Version: 0.1.0

@import url("../sliding/style.css");

pre {border: solid 1px blue;

     font-size: 1.2em;
     color: #000066;
     margin: 10px;
     background: #f1f1f1}
code {font-size:1.2em;
     color: #008099}


[91] <h2><span><?php _e('Xue's Latest Looks', 'woothemes'); ?></span></h2>

[127] <h2><span><?php _e('Xue's Classic Looks', 'woothemes'); ?></span></h2>


Theme Splash Screen for Xue Faith's child theme of Woo Themes' Sliding theme